When I was Fourteen...

(Dedicated to Melissa Stasinopolous)

My world was filled with poison

corrupt with anger and fear

I was in search of happiness

and found your voice to hear

The poison went away

and everything became clear

I was in love,

in love with you my dear,

but there is one problem

We live so far apart, nowhere near

So because of that

I must leave from here

This is not good

in fact, it's very bad

You don't live near me

and that makes me mad

and worst, you don't love me

and that makes me very sad

I'm leaving soon and you got a new man

who makes you joyful, happy, and glad

I'm not stupid

two and two, I can add

I thought you loved me

but love for me you never had

I wish I didn't have to go

I wish that I could stay

I wish we could work it out,

but I guess there's no way

If I come back

I'll call and say 'Hey',

but for now I want you to know

I love you, forever and a day.

                      - 1998

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is probably my first poem ever written. As you can tell, a lot has changed with my writings over the past six years. This was written when I was fourteen (If you couldn't tell by the title)

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