The Story of Abagail

Abagail was perfect in every way.

The "All American Girl", some would say.

She was blonde, blue, and nearly six feet,

and she had a face no one else could beat.

She was calm, quiet, and caring,

but sometimes outragous and daring.

She had a smile that would always glisten,

and she was the type of girl that would listen.

She was someone in which you could depend,

and a person you could honestly call a true friend.

Abagail was perfect in every aspect.

She had friends, popularity, and respect.

No to mention captian of the cheerleading team.

She lived a heavenly life... or so it would seem.

One day Abagail gave the world a surprise.

With a bullet to her head, she brought about her own demise.

Some say Abagail had secrets she tried to hide,

and felt her only escape was suicide.

Others say she felt alone in with her perfection,

and searched for comfort and protection.

She searched, but still found none,

and ended her own life with her daddy's gun.

Why did Abagail really look to herself to kill?

No one knows, and no one ever will.

                  - February 19/ 2001

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