Erebus and Hyperion

I feel them
I feel them
leaving from me
I feel them....
my mistakes
my sins
my wickedness
They twist and they turn
flying and racing
coming together
manifesting into form
deep, dark, powerful
The more they grow
the more they resemble
something familiar
They develop and evolve
taking form
They become a phantom
a shadow....
My shadow

My shadow stands tall
staring back at me
Within it, I can see
everything I haven't been before
Cold, sinister, brutal
I collapse to me knees
and bury my face
into my hands
Ashamed and guilty
of who I had been
My shadow stands tall
It has not flinched or faultered
Instead, it slowly
steps closer
reaching it's hand out for mine
It calls and beckons
for me, for my soul
It wants me inside
to consume me
I fall into fear
drowning in it
afraid of being weak
Afraid that my shadow
will overpower me
will overcome me
will overwhelm me

Hope screams out for me
in the only gasp
of breath I have left


And in an instant
there they are...
My hopes, my dreams,
my heart, my future
A distant light
shining, burning brightly
I stumble to my feet
My blood is re-newed
and runs it's course
throughout my body
replenishing me with hope
with promise
with redemption
I run
step after step
frantically racing
reaching out for the light
My shadow stands secure
gazing upon me
watching me closely
It does not move
It does not chase
for my shadow knows
the closer I come to the light
the greater my shadow becomes.

- February 9th, 2010

Author's Notes/Comments: 

* In Greek mythology, Erebus is the god of darkness & shadow and Hyperion is the god of light.

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