My Ineffable Love

2005-2006 Poems

Love is so wild to stare at

Even for my wild heart.

I was a runaway lover

Until I find myself

Lost in your eyes.

Who are you to tame

My rebellious soul?

You're everything I am not,

A sweet smile and quiet sanctuary

That I have stumbled upon.

Gentle laugh, jolly life,

Caring hands, warm kiss,

Pacifying embrace, and your silence

Speak so much to me

More than you'll ever know.

How could you tame me

And then let me go?

Have we denied from the start

That all these, were not so? how can I make myself forget?

Tears falling from your eyes

Confused as I am.

And inside, you don't have a clue

How I'm trying to survive from drowning

In my own passion for you.

You will eternally be

My unspeakable love.

And I will be your silent lover.

Your cage casts a shadow in my heart

And my chains in yours.

The Man's great statue,

And the moon's serene face

Were the only witnesses

Of that restless night

I stumbled upon you...

Because the world judged us wrong,

They missed a great love story.

But because our straight minds

Defied our deviant hearts,

The story ended before it's began.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a response to a poem somebody sent me: "Yes...I know what you mean". -�jerlin 5Dec05

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