Let It Fall

2007-2009 Poems

I just wish it would rain tonight.

The same kind of rain in Nueva Ecija...

The one that smells like rice fields,

The one with the calming 'whoosh'

As it pours down everything

Without holding back.

A heavy pouring down

That will make me shout funny things

And it will just drown every uttered word.

When somebody opens the door,

The 'pitter-patter' will even get louder.

Which will make me want to curl

Like a ball on the bed, under the blanket

With the television turned on.

In which I will constantly peep-out

After every long commercial,

To watch my favorite re-runs...

A rain that soothes…

The bruises of today's battles

And will make me forget about tomorrow.

You see, the stars are bright

And every road is touched by the moonlight.

I wish it would rain tonight…

But not here inside,

It’s raining in my room tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am generally alright...but God, please let it rain tonight -jerlin 25April2007

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