At An Old Fisherman's Footsteps

[after John 21; Colossians 3:3; 2 Timothy 4:8]


No need for tears to mourn me, nor a frown.
Decades ago, this was foretold to me---
that I should have a martyr's destiny.
Yes, Christ Himself pronounced that prophecy---
one morning, on the shore of Galilee.
Young Nero will not gain much victory
nor glory from this common execution;
nor, for his problem, will this bring solution
at least, not as he seeks it.  I will ask
my executioners to change their task
slightly, and crucify me upside down---
unworthy yet to die the way Christ did.
My life, redeemed by Him, is in Him hid;
and this cross shall be transformed into a crown.




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