follow your heart

You don’t like people and I love them a lot

Its kind of surprising the friendship we’ve got

I’m here for you whenever you need me

Could you just take a minute to try to see

Don’t get caught up in other folks’ schemes,

Listen to your heart, and follow your dreams

People think they know you,

They judge with their head

But find the ones who use their heart instead.

If you think your dreams are like catching a star

Just believe in yourself and you will get far

If you reach for the stars but hit the moon

At least you reached for something.

I love you for who you are

You were born exactly the way you are supposed to be

You are so wonderful and perfect to me.

There is hope in this world even when it’s hard to see.

Sure I’m a dreamer but it makes life more fun

You don’t have to listen to anyone

Don’t let anyone tell you something other than the truth

You are a wonderful, sweet, and amazing youth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my friend C who is going through a rough time.

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