Pushed it all aside

Anger Management

I've pushed it all aside

Thinking maybe you are mine

That you'll hang on for this ride

With me until the end of time

Yet there's something I should know

Your lies have mangled my mind

Intensified within your twine

I feel my love for you grow

I've pushed it all aside

Sure you'd be with me tonite

Yet it's cold in bed without you here

Memories clouding my head with fear

Wondering why I pushed it all aside

For you,  what right have I?

Punishing my self like this

Gave it all up for you my dear

I don't want you to come near

Hate that I brought this on myself

Knowing of your wicked ways

Still, I pushed it all aside

Gave it all up for you

Sacraficed my pride

Trusting in everything you do

What right had I?

To let you back in my life

Without question or time

Would rather you just cut me with a knife

The pain would then subside

Maybe it'd be nice

Then my heart wouldn't be so fried

You've taken what I gave to you

Turned me inside out, it's true

Scattered with the wind

Your heart can't love again

Beating a dead horse from the outside in

I'll never take you back again

Cause I've pushed it all aside

For you, for what ask I?

So you could just take up my time

Telling me that you were mine, again

And I pushed it all aside

Thinking not of what you hide

Hoping it was for real this time

Yet once again I'm melting inside

Not wanting to take this ride



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