Showing me things

     I’ve never before seen

Experiencing firsthand

     What it’s like to be mean

Never thought I would want  

    As a matter of fact

Thought it would haunt

     Everything I’ve kept intact

But no, it’s thrilling

     Through you I’ve found

A power for healing

     The largest wound

I don’t know why it is

     I feel this way

When I look into your eyes

     Would like to say no I can’t stay

Then I’d be telling a lie

     Just met you

Though I’ve known you

     You’re touch leaves me breathless

You are my dream de-ja-vou

     All it took was one kiss

Why do I like it?

     What you do to me

Turns me on

     Drives me crazy

Til I’m gone

     It’s a natural high

That you give to me

     Leaving me yearning

Ever so badly


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