The Key

Song Lyrics

You mean more to me

  Than one could even dream

My love rises so high

  It goes beyond the sky

If you were to leave

  My life would not be anymore

I wouldn’t find a will to live

  Without the loving that you give

  When times are rough

  The days are slow

Without you

  With me

My love is deep

  Just by your touch

I feel it grow

  Within me

Your hurt

  Kills my happiness

Because your love

  Begins to lessen

But on the inside

  I know you care

I can feel it

  For you have told me

I know you're hurt

  When you keep it locked up

I can’t find your key

  So I try to use mine

The lock is too big

  It has no instructions

It weighs down your love

  The key is found but too heavy

It weighs me down

  Locks me up

I sob from pain

  For I cannot even find my own key

My heart throbbing

  I reach out and only touch wind

It flows through my body

  Without welcoming

I scream

  But sound is not heard

No time is spared

  It doesn’t matter anymore

I give you time

  To clear your thoughts

But you don’t

  No room for more

You make promises

  Out of nothing

You break them

  My heart aches of too much pain

I cry in darkness


For I am confused

  As to what you want from me

The more I try

  The worse my life becomes

Friends can’t help

  They don’t have the key

For only you

  Can unlock my sadness

And when you do

  I can begin to live again


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