Threesomes Breeze

Song Lyrics

There’s this aching in my body

  And it’s telling me you’ve been here before

I’m not with you

  Though sometimes I think that I am

Your eyes are telling me that it’s not my face

  So I look again

To try and make sure

  There must be something

I can’t seem to break these changes

  You tell me things

Make me want to stay

  When I’m with you

You’re not with me

  This threesome is driving me mad

Now it’s down to what will it be?

  What will it be?

I can’t be the one to tell

  I’m already free, yet stuck in this threesome

What does it mean

  Then you block me out

And turn away

  Let her in

I am fighting these feelings again

  I want you

I need you

  That chilling breeze comes around the corner

Then I think of how

  I don’t want to need you, or hold you

All of these things that I want to do

  But the breeze comes again

Then I think there was so much I had wanted to show you

  You weren’t there to listen

I must not know you


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