The Nerve!


Do you really think he cares

Is it possible really

No I'm sorry, it's not

Go on dreaming honey

We all know what you got

When you get it it's hot

Won't stay that way for long

We're only temps, yes I know it's wrong

You should have known by now

The nerve of some people


For example, your interest in me

Am I such a threat

Please you must know by now

No one is permanent

It's not so complicated when you know

Got him?, Get it?

We all do

You said it yourself


Yes I'm talking about you

Shocking I know

Keep reading

Don't go

Ok I'm done

Go have your fun

I give it a week

You'll be falling at his feet

Too bad

You can't stay

I'm so close

But don't want him anyway

Already got him

The getting is done

And even though

It was quite so much fun

I'm asking you now

For your reading to be done

Leave me alone

Go have your fun


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