Reality Bites


Monday's always take more time

Sitting here wondering

Why I'm bothering to rhyme

Woke up and realized nothing has changed

Once again my boyfriend hasn't showed or called

In 3 days

Then again maybe he isn't

A boyfriend that is

Just feeding me what I want to hear

For meaning he didn't

You think you have your life in line

Out of nowhere

Comes the courier... jobless how sweet

Do I care?

My daughter says not to worry

Just go to the bank mommy

You don't need a job

She can be so funny

Making me smile

I cherish her for a while

Realizing I'm bored

With the rest of my life anyway

Ditch the boyfriend

I don't like to play

Thinking maybe

I need to paint these white walls

To get my mind off things

I'm becoming Niagara Falls!

Calls are coming in but I'm not answering my phone

Sometimes I'm happier when I'm alone

Barnes and Nobles is nice to think away your thoughts

Someone should toss me a bone...

I'm getting quite distraught

Who am I to do this to myself?

Be happy but not gay

Been there already anyway

Women can be very emotional

Too much to handle

If I'm not married by the time I'm 30

I'm having another kid anyway

Who says you need a man

A one nite stand will do for me...

No I'm not crazy

Just being me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was time for my reality check : )

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