My Aura Glows


I'm lacking feeling

Emotion for your loss

Only because

You seem to be missing

Unable to decipher

Between right and wrong

Don't think you know

You have this problem

I'm keeping my distance

Just thought you should know

I'm not an addiction

Yet a person with a glow

I don't need your aggrivation

Your questioning

Or jealousy

Don't want someone who doesn't know

What they could be

You lack motivation

To repair your infestation

Everyone you pursue

Will notice the real you

So keep trying

Just let me be

Go try and control another

I know I am free

Without you

I am me

Unleash your anger

On youself for once

To see what it brings

You'll lose the hunt

Maybe realize

You have issues

That need to be reckoned with

As my aura glows

Showing much happiness

I have in myself

To leave you behind

Like a forgotten knick knack on a shelf


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