When I look in your eyes

  I want to see a thousand stars

Everything I’m searching for

  Seems very, very far

I opened up my circle

  To see if you would fit

I’m closing it now, though I don’t know how

  I’m not welcoming you, it makes me sick

Please don’t allow yourself to trust me

  I have secrets hidden deep inside

If you play the game and don’t get caught

  Then maybe I won’t have to lie

Don’t give me a reason to betray you

  I am my own person, and live by these rules

If you don’t try to embarrass or break me

  Then maybe in the end I won’t call you a fool

Why is everything like a puzzle

  You have to find the pieces and play the game

It scares me to think what the next piece might be

  I no longer have the time, so you get all the blame


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