Tiny Wings

Last night I had a dream.

I was transformed into a tiny bird.

My face was the same.

But, my body had black feathers and my arms were tiny wings.

I flew out of a small window to see the world.

I flew higher and higher.

I could not believe how strong the tiny wings could carry me.

I was above trees and

I felt like a powerful wind.

I was completely free.


…Beyond clouds, whizzing past jets and storms threatening to bring me down.

Without a care, a worry or wish, I didn’t know where I was heading.

And wasn’t concerned about when I got there.

I was on a fascinating journey on tiny wings that carried me.

I got higher and higher until I left earth’s atmosphere.

I was a tiny bird looking down on one enormous world.

It was me, the universe and God.

Here I had an opportunity…

(Me): “You watch the world like a television station?”

(He): “I watch my world like a parent who sees first.

First steps, first words, hovering just so…..”

(Me): “To not let them fall.”

And at that moment,

I fell.  

Not as the tiny bird with tiny wings

But, as me with the bird still inside of me.

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