by: Joel Faypon
December 22, 2004

The sound of thousand cars
     cruising down the freeway -  
It reminds me of how fast the years go
     how quickly they slip away

Age can be defeating sometimes,
     especially when it flashes back -
The thought of how much I wasted
My life, my love
And how much you have wasted
Your life, my love

The airport has this calming scent
     that reminds me of how long I was away -
And that I should have gone back to you,
And that I should have stayed

My vision is leaving me.
I do not see things sharply anymore
And images flow in a maze -
     lights are but a mere splatter of colors,
     foreground to a haze

But the memories are clear to see -
     and how far I strayed away
From you,
From peace
And how far you strayed away
From me,
From all these

It has been ages but I still wonder about the reasons
     why our lives crossed
But all is clear to me now
That I have absorbed the shock
    and have accepted that I lost

But I am not sad because of it
I am not sad because of this defeat
I am not sad about myself like
     you have probably heard.
I am sad for you
For them
And I am sad for the world...


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