I have nothing more to write

I have nothing else to give

I have nothing left inside

I have no reason to live

I have everything that’s precious

I hold everything that’s dear

I am daily given all I need

To make my dreams appear

I am so damn tired of trying

When I know I’ll fail again

Why do so many trust me

When I’ll hurt them in the end

I’ve been given oh so many gifts

And granted so much time

I’ve been blessed to see the visions

With the truths they hold sublime

I am chained to my addictions

I’m a prisoner caged inside

And despite the fact I hold the key

There I ever will reside

I know I can do most anything

With the talents that are mine

I am buoyed by friends and family

Who will help me anytime

I feel to fade away to black

And rid you of my plight

I bid you all my last farewell

As I give up this fight

I look up with hope, and out with faith

Knowing all will work out well

The God of Heaven watches me

Of his glory I will tell

…Jeff Bresee

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