It seems so very long ago, and yet like yesterday,

We stood as one and made our vows to love and to obey.

And with this oath we sealed our love until “at death we part”.

Thereafter, pondering…these few words served but to pierce my heart.

Then days rolled into weeks and months, and months rolled into years;

Without a compass, dreams now ash, and laughter quenched by tears.

It seems as though we’ve sailed amiss, without a star to guide.

Our house, a ‘house’ and not a ‘home’…cold emptiness inside.

But to our minds a whisper comes, “Don’t give up. There’s a way.

The Savior died and rose again, and so will you someday”.

Then with this thought our hopes renewed and courage now restored.

Because of the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Lord.

If we will humbly follow him, his gift of life is free.

And with this gift our love will grow throughout eternity.

                                                                      …Jeff Bresee

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