Awakened by song of long distant voice

A beam of light cuts the abyss

Serenades calling, the lost and the falling

Sneaking into lives gone far amiss

The sound of strings breathing, emotions retrieving

New rhythm transforming new sight

Each serenade seeming, a shard of glass beaming

As stars in the deepest of night

With Joshua leading, I set forth proceeding

On journey that once traveled twice

Forms vision a-bursting; cools parched soul a-thirsting  

…Yet contrary to former advice

Confusion distilling, my mind is not willing

To follow the truth in my heart

But asking and seeking, my thoughts are led streaking

To rest on “The Message” in part

Tears forming, veil thinning, in awe with mind spinning

A life long forgotten doth send

Scenes that come forming with comfort and warming

A promise made to an old friend

Then left to stand starring, confused and not daring

To act, lest my mask be discerned

Then a stranger reminding, slow motion rewinding

The strengths of my roots are returned

But the sacrifice haunting, the size of task daunting

Would at times rather cause all to fail

Each step leads to stumbling, each word becomes bumbling

And the Weight Of The World doth prevail

So in silence retreating, the darkness repeating

Slowly creeps in: the thought that I’m wrong

But my heart doth remember, the light of dream’s ember

Thus conviction to forge becomes strong

But alone I must travel and ignore the world’s gavel

On a fortune’s advice I have leaned

Knowing what I’ll be finding, cold shoulder reminding

What was warned when the council convened  

But so many souls hang in the balance at hand...

Thus I must press on til the end

And I’ll risk every schilling, and pray that God willing

You will find…I’m forever your friend.

…Jeff Bresee

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