A road begun

So distant

A masterpiece


Divided rolls

At parting

Provided each

A farthing

With usury


Each master


Not but through

A darkened glass


On wayward paths

T'were leading

The messenger

Lay bleeding

In darkness

Cold and shivering

Til light broke forth


Crystal shards

Now his to gather

The remains of

What was shattered

At long last

To be arranged


Setting forth

But then quick falling

Reckless ire

Toward the calling

Dream’s bright light

Falls now to dim

And the mass of Hell

Creeps in

As the words spoke

Once in warning

Cloak the messenger

In mourning

While eternity

Peers down


Burning coal

And gift from Heaven

Once bestowed

Becomes as leaven

As a single grain


Sprouting forth

Toward the sun

Calling out

The pathway paving

Lifting messenger

And saving

As the poems formed

Long ago...come forth


…To be continued

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