“And there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

I’ve read it and read it again.

And I’ve heard of it preached from all pulpits the same,

Warning me of the crisis I’m in.

And I’ve pondered and tried to create in my mind

World with flames that ascend without end.

And I’ve wondered if this be some actual place

To where God the malefactors will send?  

But my mind cannot grasp it.  My heart turns away.

Something deep from inside tells me no.

Yet my heart also feels the strong sense of a fate

To where if I change not, I must go.

Then the question, “What could it be that doth cause,

Lamentation as scripture portrays?”

Slowly forming…so subtle…daunting scenes in my mind

Of a life lived without end of days.

Tis a world much like ours, but more beautiful there.

Not the world I’ve been told I should fear.

Yet of those who dwell there, looking into their eyes,

In an instant the torment is clear.

Eyes unlike what I’ve seen, something haunting and wrong,

Void of light and of color…like taupe.

Eyes that once shined with beauty and sparkled with life,

Now are windows to souls without hope.

What could cause such despair? Which great pain do they bare?

Tis not burning, nor torture, nor chains.

Humbly asking, and waiting, my heart sinks to hear

What the Spirit begins to explain.

“The flames without end are not those to be seen,

But those which do burn deep inside.

The torment you see in the eyes of the damned

Is the eternal regret of their pride”.

“Though they dwell upon world filled with beauty and peace,

Nothing found there upon cools the mind.

Which doth burn with the memory of family above,

And a Father so loving and kind”.

“Regret is their hell, for they know full and well,

What they otherwise might have received.

And now eons pass by and eternity looms

Without hope of the slightest reprieve”.

“Therefore, open your eyes and soften your heart

And allow your once deaf ears to hear.

For now is the day wherein all men must work,

And this long night of darkness…so near.”

               …Jeff Bresee

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