I set out to live, I went out to give

My dreams for life set; I could see them.

But then as I went, and the more time I spent

The reality seemed…I can’t be them.

So in sorrow I pause looking back for the cause

What has led me to where I now stand?

And I wish that I did not quite so readily know…

But I do, and I full understand.

Day after day, as I go on my way

Amongst those whom my heart doth submit

Though it seems like so simple a thing to afford,

I know what to say…but don’t say it.

And then time after time, I am guilty of crime.

When my actions are set forth to wit,

And I make the decisions upon which life is based,

I know what to do…but won’t do it.

Though I know full and well, who I am, why I’m here,

And despite countless attempts to commit.

My own worst enemy…I forever remain,

I know what I can be…but won’t be it.

…Jeff Bresee

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