Will Heaven help me through this life?  Will it be there in my need?

How much is mine to do alone?  At which point should I plead?

Will it listen when my head is down and my thoughts directed high?

Will it be there though I selfish stand and watch the world go by?

Will it cheer at my accomplishment and pat me on the back?

Will it comfort me when dreams are dashed and when my visions lack?

Will it offer guide when choices come?  Will it let me choose alone?

Will it stay its judgment though I fall to the weakness I am prone?

Will it wait and watch in patience while my interests I pursue?

Will it grant me leave based on the promise, “Someday I will do”?

Will it answer the great questions: “Who am I?  Why am I here?”

Will Heaven send its angels down to hold me when I fear?

Is Heaven so aware of me as to do these things and more?

My footsteps here will then answers be…when I stand at Heaven’s door.

    …Jeff Bresee

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