Angel without wing

Some people are born with brown eyes

Some with blue and some with green and so forth

Different skin color

Some tall

Some short

And it all goes down the list

Even some better looking than others

But you’ve taught me that beauty is better

If it’s shown from the inside

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s possible

For some angels to be born without wings

And they have to walk the earth along and among us

I’ve been lucky enough to have been graced by your presence

Your smile

The warmth of your embrace

To have heard your words

To have been inspired

No matter the outcome

I always know that I’ll be seeing you again

Wherever love exists

When I hear your name echoing from someone’s lips

Every time that I smile

Because we both know you’ve made me at least a million times

They say good things never last

Neither does the bad

In time it always passes

Deep inside I feel like this isn’t the end

I’m not saying good bye ever.

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