In Memory of John

Recent Poems

I remember him, a cousin dear to me.

He’d tell me stories, make me laugh,

But it is we who tell the stories now.

An adventuresome sort,

Doing everything despite any risks.

He died doing something he loved,

With a friend that he loved.

His smile never faded,

Ever seen upon his face.

The biggest grin you’ve ever seen,

Friendly, fun, and loving.

His laugh was heard for miles around,

Conquering any other sound.

It was infectious, distinct,

And made you want to laugh with him.

A healthy eater,

Always putting everything in front of him

To good use.

He never turned anything down.

He was a friend to those in need,

In every thought, action and deed.

He simply was a friend to all,

Always there to call.

His name was Peaches,

Or that’s how he was known.

Outrageous outfits, a boy who stands out,

These were seeds so happily sown.

Organized, laid back,

We all loved him for who he was,

And the knowledge

That he was always there.

He died in nature,

The beautiful outdoors.

He’s in our hearts forever.

How could we forget

The friend, the cousin, the son, the boyfriend

Everything he was to us.

Because he was all that, and more.

John will never be forgotten

Not here, not now, not ever.

He’s made an impression

We can never forget.

We’ll always love him,

Always and ever.

And I know…

I know he looks after us

Because that is just how John is.

He’s with God,

An angel in Heaven.

Doing there what he did on earth…

Loving, serving, caring and bringing joy

To everyone he came in contact with.

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