The Wolf and the Dog

The Wolf and the dog


In the middle of the world, in a calmed burnt forest, surrounded by unknown chaos and horror, a wolf and a dog are playing.


-So, what do you think happened here? – asked the dog to the wolf


-Beats me, I always taught the end of the world was going to be epic, that there would be an awesome final war, and actually I was going to play a big part in it-


-Play a big part? What do you mean? -


- Yeah, I was supposed break free from my prison, take part in the war and eat the father of men and die with honor-


-Wow that sounds horrible, why would you look forward to a thing like that? –


- I never did, it was just something that I was destined to do, and to be honest I’m a bit disappointed. How about you, where you destined to anything? -


-Not really, my only task was to guard the gates of the underworld, but there’s no one left in the underworld to guard. –


The dog and the wolf continued to walk through the forest, they talked about their past lives and quickly became friends.

After a while they stopped to rest and the wolf fell asleep, then a snake came along.


-You know he is lying, right? - Said the snake to the dog


-What do you mean? -


-You honestly think he doesn’t know what’s happening? He is the cause of all this, he slayed the father of men and ate the entire brass race, and if you are not careful you will be next –


-What am I supposed to do? If what you are saying is true then he must be stopped-


-You know where to go, fulfill your duty, take him to the underworld and lock him again-






The dog became incredibly paranoid, and stopped trusting the wolf, so he agreed to take the wolf to the underworld. He spent the entire night with one eye opened.

The next morning the dog began the journey to their new destination. And the wolf tried to keep talking with his new friend.


-Fenrier by the way, my name is Fenrier- said the wolf to the dog


- Cerberus- The dog replayed.


Even though their journey lasted century’s, once they arrived to their destination the dog didn’t hesitate to lock the wolf inside the cold and empty underworld. Fernier felt betrayed and an immeasurable felling of sorrow filled his heart. And once again Cerberus was happy guarding the gates of the underworld or at least he thought he was.



Be careful of who you trust, trusting the wrong people can cost you a lot, like your freedom or a great new friendship.


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