It's a Man's World, Sweetheart

Crop the hair.

Wash away color from accented features.

Remove fashion sense, trendiness, and self-expression. Eliminate emotion.

Erase tears and the ability to produce them.

Convert to the grayness of life, adapt to its blandness.

Remove sensitivity and feeling.

Forgo sharing and any desires of it.

Forget how to share feeling or get ion touch with your emotions.

Do not prolong pleasure.

Be stoic.

Play the game.

Show no fear.

Feel no pain.

You cannot be hurt- believe this.

Act like a man.

What?s that?

What?s this?

Your hair is long?

Your face is colorful?

Your clothes are different?

Emotion is your coat?

Are you fucking crying?

What the fuck is pink- where is the blacks and grays?

Are you offering someone your pity, your sympathy?

Are smiling? Crying? Laughing?

What the fuck is commitment?

How can you honestly be afraid?

Bullshit- that does not hurt and you know it!

Aren?t you strong enough to lift that?

Aren?t you a fucking man you pussy?

Oh your not?!

Forget it! Your application is denied? You stupid bitch, this is an exclusive club!

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