Loyalty a Virtuous Trait

It truly baffles me; that is to say that I just cannot understand the loyalty that is shown to me by that select few?My Boys?. I may not have many people whom I refer to, as ?My Boys,? however, the few that I do bestow that title upon, are so true and loyal that it genuinely baffles me. So here I sit here alone- or so I thought; when in fact, here I sit amazed to find that I am not alone. Staring at this screen, I am drawn to remember and scan through the numerous times, the countless memories, and the hundreds upon thousands of conversations, smiles, & laughs shared with that special few. Sitting back I realize that I have a select group of people whose lives I take willingly into my hands and who, without question or regard, in turn do the exact same thing regarding me. That is an amazing gesture; one that goes beyond that of mere friendship; and must be placed into a classification all its own, ?My Boys? is that classification. The phrase ?My Boys,? what an amazing concept; until this moment I was unaware of its existence. Yet now, armed with the knowledge that I have such a small contingency of friends worthy of such a title, I learn that I am unstoppable; invincible to the dangers of a mortal man because of that very same group. Loneliness, distress, emotional agony, heartache, physical pain- all are diseases of existence- yet with such a group, with such a loyal contingent, one cannot be ill, for that very reason. So when you?re away from your family or out on your own for the first time, or the hundredth, fear not, for your boys will be there, they will have your back, just as they have every time in the past. So here I sit, not alone but reassured, because I know that I have 5 guys who would have my back no matter what, 5 guys who have without hesitation taken my life into their hands and vowed to protect it against any opposing force. So here I sit relaxed and at ease; calm because I know that regardless of the situation or problem my boys will be there for me- because that is just how we roll. My Boys are My Family, My Brothers- whether it is by blood or by bond, they are my brothers nonetheless; that is what makes them My Mother-Fucking Boys! So thanks guys: for being their when I?ve needed you, for being there right now, and for all the times I know you?ll be there in the future?

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