An Image Lost

Punishment of Love

Deep within the bliss,

An image.

Not tangible, disturbed by touch.

Disturbed by anything but stoicism.

A brightness.

Spots of light.

Angelic in their undisturbed slumber.

The sky.

A reflection.

The lights of god-

The stars echo in the water.

The lights of God.

These lights of god-

Floating, standing still, pausing time?

Held in the sky-

Sitting Alone.

A beacon of hope

A torch to guide the way.

A torch of humanity-

A torch to guide all?

The hearts, man?s will.

Governing those who lying beneath them.

Covering the sea.

A reflection.

In doubt, I lie in wonder.

Staring down, the reflection.

The same wonder.

A wonder to eat at my soul.

Bringing to mind-

The many thoughts of all kinds?

Thoughts of could and should?

Ignoring thoughts of that which is.

Ignoring the present.


I lay here praying.

Torn between the sky and sea-

Both look the same.

The search-

Trying to find the depth.

A search for answers.


The dark takes over.

The clouds move in- the sea reflects the blackness of the sky.

No moon, no stars, no sun,


Just black.

Gone are God?s Lights.

I am blind.

I sit in the newly arrived dark abyss.

In the blackness.

In hopes the torches will re-ignite?

In hopes that I will find the lights.

In hopes my site will return.

Because to be in darkness-

Is to be blind

It is solitude.

It is to search alone?

Come backlights?

Please return.

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