The Reflection of Perfection


A Reflection?

An Image Looks Back, Searching Amidst The Stare That is Gazing Deep Within It-

An examination takes place?

Through Analysis of What is Truly Buried Within the Image That is Staring Back At You?

What is a Man?

What are the qualities within A Man?

Which Qualities should Compose a Man?s Reflection?

These Components-

The Components that should make up A ?Man?s? reflection?

Those that define his character?

Are They Present- The True Qualities of a True Man?

Honor & Love?

Courage & Valor?

Honesty & Loyalty?

Kindness & Selflessness?

Forgiveness & Compassion?

Does The Mirror Show You Such Traits of Virtue?

The Components of Man, Define His Person-

Falling within the categories governing the ideal of greatness?

It is Such Things That Determine a man?s essential Wroth?

Such Things- Achievable through sacrifice, morals, values;

Thus Comprising A Dignity that cannot be Passed Down?

A dignity that must be re-achieved in each new generation of the family line?

I Stare?

I Gaze?

I Ponder?

I am Trying to decipher what I see?

I am Trying to Make Clear What Should Be There?

I am Attempting to Decipher It from What Is?

Suddenly? A Breakthrough, An Arrival at The Stage of Enlightenment?

Clarity emerges as to what needs be present, in My Own Reflection?

Alas the image I so desire emerges?

An image resembling the mold of a great man?

An Image to Strive For?

A Goal I Set Forth to Accomplish?

This Image Strikes a Familiar Resemblance?

This Image Resembles My Father?

Rather This Image Is No Resemblance-

For It and My Father are One and The Same...

My Father?

The mold from which I try to create my being?

A state of self nearly impossible to attain?

Fogging Up?

As if dew rising from the morning grass-

His person blurs and fades to my own reflection.

What Is Left?

My Person?


My reflection?

I Stare?

I Gaze?

I Ponder?

I am Trying to decipher what I see?

I am Trying to Make Clear What Should Be There?

I am Attempting to Decipher It from What Is?

What Is There?


An uncertainty of what stares back at me eats away at all reality?

Leaving me in a forest of the thoughts that scrape the barriers of my mind-

As if they were the great Redwoods Hanging in the tops of the highest clouds?

And I?

I am removed from my body- And I am Left to examine what is there.

Within Myself I See?

Looking Within my being and my soul I See?

Portions of the qualities- Earlier present within the perfect image?

Portions of the qualities Shown within the image of My Father?

I Return to The Real?

And am somewhat discontent?

I Find Myself Unsatisfied with what I found to be Present-

Present within the depths of my own reflection.

Again, A Breakthrough? Again, Enlightenment strikes?

I Become Aware of My Youth-

Suddenly Aware of My Age I Realize that there is time?

There is Time to fill my reflection with the qualities needed to be a ?good? man?

The Qualities Needed To Once Again Find a Perfect Reflection-

Yet This Time? To Find it Within Myself?

To Find a Reflection that will be My Own?

Achieving The Qualities Needed to Become My Father?

Is this An Impossible Task- It is Quite Possibly So.

But I Have My Whole Life to Try?

To try and raise Myself above acceptable onto New Heights?

If I Were Only Able to Raise?

Raise my present state of self?

Raise my present state of self to half of the qualities seen-

Seen within the image of perfection-

Within the image of my father?

I Will Set Forth to Reach that Goal?

Please Do Understand that- My Father is one of a kind?

Yet I Will Be Steadfast in My Quest?

I Will Raise Myself to Such Heights?

And Once I Reach That Goal-

I Will Be the True Victor?

Then I Will Be Satisfied?

I Will Strive to Duplicate His Existence?

Hoping to emerge with a reflection that matches this man.

A Reflection That Matches Whom I Truly Want To Be-

A Reflection That Resembles My Father?

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