The Defeat of Justice

Punishment of Love

Anger brews within,

comparable to the entrails

of an erupting volcano.

Examining two persistent bulls

clashing antlers in search of

winging the battle of

words and emotions.

Alas it is discovered

that you are a mere bully.

Holding a superior title,

higher rank therefore forcing

your opponent into

silence through elitism.

Alas it is discovered

that you are a hypocrite.

Demanding all to acknowledge

their shortcomings when you

fail to examine your own.

Alas you have failed,

for you have pushed all faults upon

the opposition not allowing

error to darken your stature.

Success is merited through the

examination of all possible explanations

to a question, of all sides to an argument,

in order to find an ultimately

righteous and just solution.

Failure is thereby assed to that which is

unable to ascend to these expectations,

to that which does not share blame,

to that which preaches the opposite of personal

performance, to that which uses power to

illuminate weakness, while imposing guilt

to achieve victory, and alas,

it is what rests on you.

For guilt is felt within,

and a pathetic nest of grief

relating to all incidents

cited rests within my soul.

You have won the fight

through your failure, your shortcomings;

and your victory is as unjust

as it is unmerited.

So I lay in defeat with

success surrounding

my soul?s corpse.

So who is the victor in the end,

the man standing in an unknowing state

of failure, or the man lying at his

feat in a blood pool of success?

Time reveals all.

And the hurt within the defeated does not disappear;

rather it grows into a state of self-destruction

enwrapping all the emotional turmoil and

inner anxiety, thus destroying justice in entirety.

All is lost, unknowingly- How sad?

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