The Lights of God

In the sky there was put forth brightness by god…

These so called lights of God are suspended in the heavens to shine down as a guide;

To serve as a torch of humanity to guide the hearts and will

Of those who lye beneath them to happiness

Yet as I sir here in doubt, I lie in wonder,

A wonder that eats at my soul.

I sit and think thoughts of could and should rather that thoughts of what is

And I ache. I lay here praying that these

Evil thoughts will reside in the

Drought of what you have left my heart in.

I hurt for you, and my thoughts continue to drift.

As I lie here I glance up in a search for answers

Yet all I see is night, no moon, no stars, no sun,

Just black. Where have the lights of god gone?

Well I once saw the stars every time I looked into your eyes.

I once saw the sun because it rose and set on the very thought of you.

The moon was once my companion, because it was my map to finding your

Embrace in the darkened cold of the night.

So here I sit, and it saddens me because I am searching for

The lights of god and I cannot see. Where has my torch gone?

Why does it die with you? Because you are gone

And I am blind. So I sit here in a dark abyss. In blackness.

In hopes the torch will reignite, and I will find the lights.

In hopes my site will return. Because to be in darkness, is to be blind and to be blind

Is to sit in solitude. And what fun is the search if you seek alone?

Come back, lights, please return.

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