A Window of Opportunity

Seize the Day

A new day has dawned,

And as the sun rises the door

Opens, the door of opportunity.

For as the night closes and the day opens

One is left with

A window of opportunity

And one must beware of this window,

For it is open a brief time, brief but ever opening.

And when it is open courage, valor and greatness

Become a possibility.

In one day a man can achieve greatness, for

It is in an instant that- a man?s dare to be great situation

Approaches him.

A nd if in that very instant, the man is to jump

And take his chance, then merely

In result of jumping he becomes courageous?

For courage is judged by how

Many times a man gets back up after

He falls-


Just simply by how many times

He doesn?t fall?

because, if one never falls,

Then one is not doing something truly courageous.

Thus, by jumping at his chance,

The man achieves courage in attempting to seize


So if in an instant one can

Set himself apart from all others

Why is this window ever opening?

It is and will be until all jump through it?

However, this window will long since break

Before that day arrives, so seize greatness?

It is right there and yours if you reach out far enough?

So jump, reach, grasp do as one must in order to

Achieve a status of valor.

That makes you a worthy student-

For Being great is understanding the difference between

Failure and success.

Knowing that failure is the fear to take the

Leap, and greatness is already being out the other side.

Be great, seize courage, and be great it is there

And through that journey, in which the answer lies?

There one will learn the difference between men and gods.

So be great and realize that being the first to jump

Is what makes you a man worthy of respect?

And that I can tell is what you are driven by?

So be great, and thus achieve your answers-

For through greatness,

Comes all that is needed

To survive?

It is Through Such Actions

That One Not Only Merely Survives,

But Rather-

That One Truly Lives.

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