floating through the flames


burning to the point of incineration

supercharged sensitivity to the light

no matter what faces they wear to cascasde the facts

the burns are the only truth that are left

at night whwn all the ice has melted away

like a angel with demon wings

where you are thrown to the window where there is nothing but desolation

no matter what happens there is nothing

but fuzziness and blur all around

and you are just floating in the middle of nothingness

and are chained by you bones to the clouds

and it makes it easier to see clearly enough to reglue to shattered frosted pieces

i used to think my gift was to mend a world beyond repair

but i can't even begin to mend the things that aren't meant to ever be put back together

in the abyss between self destruction and healing

its my most angelic artwork

when you stop thinking then you stop growing and thats when theirs an unstoppable blockage

like a blood clot that takes human form over your entire body

a more productive danger than the danger in death of ones soul

the latter is lifeless and void of existence or recordkeeping

still a part of the world of the living

couldnt settle for less than what is meant to be

and one by one people keep falling down

to just be replaced by another

as time limits allow

at certain times

its all timed perfectly without being perfect for a certain reason

come and go and come again and the more pain the better

stab me harder til i can no longer understand what baby one more time

have they run away or perhaps you just cant see them because your not looking close enough

or deep enough

there are some things that are always there

but as time goes by can't make ourselves believe they still have a physical form

they begin to dissolve until little more is left than dustless residue

believing is knowing how to take the lie out of believing

and if you hold the glass sideways there is no half empty or full

only spinning endlessly until the pointed edge of the cold weapon stops at your place in line

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