the beating grew louder, deeper, like an echo in an underground cave.

the darkness overwhelming.

making the room seem smaller

claustrophobia setting in. i scramble to my feet

trying to make the least noise possible

i manage to knock into a rack of what sounded like metal objects

I quickly crouch to my feet and hold my breath

for what seemed like hours

hearing nothingbut the thump thump thump of a single heartbeat

i emerge from my sitting position

shakyness slowly leaving. i regain my composure

sliding as swiflty as i can against what i assume is a wall

i make my way to an unknown hint of a light

senses on overload, i hear a faint hissing coming from the far wall

what lurks in this dreary room that frightens me so

the beating still echoing in my head and the hissing all together

begins to ache me through and through

what is that noise. where is it coming from

feeling faint, nautia setting in

im not alone.

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