Old but Beautiful

Bees buzzing around a tree.

Broken and battered at the roots.

But as lively as if first grown

Leaves falling like an apple broken free.

gliding to the earth

waiting for that soft sweet landing

children running after trying to catch it

Twigs swaying as if dancing to a harmony.

the sing song of the birds have no comparison

the twigs are like ballarinas

so graceful

so peaceful

So old but so lively you shall see.

Brings life to anyone or anything that will open their minds

Gather around and let it take you away.

Breath in that sweet smell of a summer day.

Ponder that rainbow off yonder a way.

Happiness lingers to every passer by that might want to sit and stay.

Minutes or hours will pass, dreams and fantasies will last.

Come and take a seat by this beautiful old tree.

The wonders of what you may see.

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