You think you can just abandon her
Walk away
not caring what she has to say
only two years old
and doesnt have have her mom
what are we gonna tell her when shes older.
her mom ran off
her mom rather do drugs
Then be with the you thought she loved?
oh but i do lover her
thats all she ever says
then start showing it
come home
try and be sober
for once
i know its almost impossible for you
to be some one thats not always #1
some times you gotta look at life and put others first
put your daughter first
lay of the alcohol
look at the time
shes getting so big
and you have only seen her
gosh i dont know
not very long
all i want to do is cry
i am your sister
and every one thinks your daughter is mine
you daughter even thinks i am her own mom
i can i ever look at you without being in pain
i am just going to igonre you
and pretned you dont exsist

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