At A Business Meeting On A Pleasant August Day

[To Ms. K---- S----, mistress of business-speak and corporate cliche; Spring, 2003

to May 10, 2004; quoted in a couple of lines below]


We came to Pompeii to do business.  Speak

Your mind.  Give me your frank opinions.  Maybe

depending on what you say, I will care

enough to change existing policy;

or maybe you are just a grown crybaby.

Change is good, and you really ought to seek
its embrace and, perhaps too, grow a pair.

You really should act more professionally.

Your arrogant, belittling condescension

does little for our customer retention.

You have some work to do, to learn to cope:  full

courtesy was not given to Opal.

You ought to have courage enough to ask

them for the sale.  Step to the hardest task

instead of coming back to raise a fuss

in my home's office.  You have all the style,

all the finesses, of that smoking rock pile

(as useless as you are), Vesuvius.



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