/+/ To Antioch We Came

To Antioch, far from Jerusalem---
where Pharisees assault and priests condemn---
we fled after Deacon Stephen had been
unfairly tried, then stoned to death, by them.
(I still can hear his voice, as if again
suffering, "Lord, lay not to their charge this sin.")
As he would have, we preached to anyone

the good news of Salvation in God's Son:

no matter what tribe, town, or family---
neither Jew, nor Gentile, nor slave, nor free.
None who repented and believed should be
denied this gift and joyous liberty

from sin and fear of death.  Then, in good time,
our Lord's Apostle Matthew brought a scroll---
Christ's Words and Life in writing---and each soul

among us thrilled to promise, parable,
and (unto distant ages) prophecy.
The scorner mocks; the disbeliever sneers.

We worship God truly and spiritually,
with praise, in love that casts out all our fears.





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