Space Tales, Ext: On A Most Minor Asteroid

Once part of the smashed earth, this asteroid

is metal rich, most of it unalloyed.

And I have carved high letters on its face---

these can be read even from outer space:


I do not like them much, but will not judge
those who use them to handle all the drudge
(tasks once hired servants') "Whentley, wipe that smudge
"away.  "Why Whentley must you, daily trudge
"the burened path, like Sam's son at the mill?
"These ourbytes can do more, and gladly will."

These ourbytes have no personality;
their work is perfect, but not humanly
invested; therefore, not by them enjoyed
no mattered how attractively deployed.
Perfection cannot have a sense of wonder;
that is the price of labor without blunder.

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