Sosthenes, Our Brother

. . . and Sothenes our brother . . .

---1 Corinthians 1:1


Do not, please, name me with the Seventy:
that would breach common sense and history.
I did not know Christ in His ministry
on earth.  I was Chief of my synagogue,
which brought, against Paul, a false accusation:
dislike, rather than fact, was its foundation.
The Gentiles beat me up as their scapegoat
for this trespass.  Without a scourge to flog
my flesh, they improvised with their clenched fists;
and gave my joints some dislocating twists.
The local Christians did not sneer or gloat
about this, but cared for my injury;
and, as I healed, they taught the truth to me,
the faith in Christ---and it is so much better,
than any way that others may present.
Each day becomes the great Day of Salvation:
we, who are called, work in that Grace-filled light
(before the coming of that workless night).
Privileged to have been taught to read and write,
I have transcribed at Brother Paul's dictation
a very beautiful and moving letter---
of fellowship, basking in Love's elation;
and how Christ gives us total victory
over death (all people's worst misery)---
to Christians in Corinth:  it will be sent
tomorrow with young Brother Timothy
when he departs to make his visitation.



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Great write.

Hidden in this poem is a message about the local christians who "did not sneer or gloat about this, but cared for my injury . . . ."  (James 2:14-26 Faith without works is dead.)    ----    Stephen

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Thanks, and yes I wanted to

Thanks, and yes I wanted to get that on the table during the poem.