Footnote: Hearing Katie Irving Sing, "I Never Dreamed . . ." *

The song evokes the
times Romance ignored me, and
the time Romance called
me forward.  The song provokes
storms---mixed, dizzied emotions.



Author's Notes/Comments: 


*  "I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me" one of the vocal selections in the film, Carrie (1976).


Just as I prefer Kubrick's film adaptation of King's novel, The Shining, I very much prefer DePalma's adaptation of King's novel, Carrie.  Forbidden to see it for months by my then girl friend, who feared Piper Laurie's performance as Margaret White might strike a little bit too close to home, I finally viewed it three times in one week, during its final run at the "dollar" theater.  When the same girl friend matriculated, and, in order to be accepted in her sorority, brought an emotionally violent end to our relationship (which originated as a friendship in high school), Katie Irving's songs comforted me, for reasons I cannot now guess.


Hearing them even now, the contrast---between my present situation, blessed as it has been, and that awful, devestated, pit which was the shape of her absence from my life---is so sharp and radical as to be almost unbearable.


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