Nuances: My Mother Suspected A Serial Killer

Our neighbor, B---, drove,

Dayton to Cincinnati,

one weekend a month.

Each following Monday---each!---

they found a dismembered whore.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

As this may seem to be rather bizarre, although historically accurate, I think comment is here justified.  The neighbor and his wife, living across the street from us, were ordinary, professional people, who mostly kept to themselves, and some weekends entertained variouos guests who seemed to be "hippies'; during those weekends, a strong smell of mairjuana seeped from their house.  On one random weekend a month, always random (not discernable pattern except for no pattern at all), he drove alone down I75 to Cincinnati, ostensibly to visit his faither, whose health (we were told) was failing.  My mother, who listened to talk radio from the moment I left for school, until the time my father came home from work, began to notice that on the Monday's following our neighbor's solo visits to Cincinnati, a dismembered prostitute was found, one in a dumpster, one beside the river, etc.  My parents prided themselves on being part of the "silent majority" and "never making waves" or "rocking the boat."  So they said nothing, but simply listened in horror, each Monday morning, as another grisley discovery was made.  No such discoveries were made, or at least announced, on any Mondays that did not follow one of his weekend visits to that city.


When I was about nine years old, and prior to these visits, he and his wife lured me into their home to listen to Mozart on their stereo.  The interior of the house stunk (marijuana) and the interior decor---dark curtains, dark paneling, black furniture, few lights---promoted a rather sinister atmosphere.  Apparently, I spent about three hours in there with them, listening to various orchestras performing some of Mozart's symphonies.  They sat on one end of the living room, and I on the other, nor did they touch me, nor offer me any food or beverage.  I was fascinated by the sound effects they had achieved with the placement of what were, by that time's standards, huge speakers, and the effect was very much like I would imagine the center of the orchestra to be.  My mother was frantically searching for me during this time, and when she saw me emerge from that house, she became nearly hysterical.  And that was before she began to suspect the serial killings.

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