Poem For Independence Days

Against England, we fought a revolution,

demanding complete and total separation.

To our own republic and Constitution---

which does not recognize royalty---

should be our unbidden loyalty.

The British aristocracy

has no place in our democracy,

no welcome and no invitation.

So why should the wealthy and merry

wives of Windsor give our media a thrill?

Have we not had enough of Liz and Phil?---

of Willy and Kate, and Meghan and Harry?



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The Royals

I never tire of them. They are a hoot. Also, when Diana died I had to walk softly with the wise cracks because usa women were in tears. She died running from photographers who wanted to show her to the world. How do you spell irony. What, royals don't wear seat belts? See - I would have been crucified and lost my citizenshiip for that kind of talk at work. Actual tears. You have to respect tears.The queen (Liz)  has ruled for 66 years, longest ruling monarch ever. A hoot!:D



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I think it is ironic that

I think it is ironic that this particular royal family, which originated with Victoria, may have very questionable credentials due to a question more than one scholar has raised about Victoria's parentage.  Victoria was, officially, the daughter of George the 3rd's son, the Duke of Kent.  But there were whispers, in those days before genetic science, that she was actually the daughter of an Irish commoner, John Conroy, who worked for her mother, the Duchess of Kent, as a kind of financial manager and property overseer.  It is said Conroy used to discipline Victoria the way a very bad, maniacal father would . . . not the way a household servant would.  When she ascended to the throne, Conroy was banished from court and eventually ordered to return to Ireland.  But . . . there is supposedly a genetic disease that is carried by descendents of George III, carried by females but expressed in males.  George has many descendents in England, both legitimate and illigitimate (George's son, William IV, from whom Victoria inherited the throne) had something like nine or ten illigitimate children with an actress with whom he lived in his younger days).  All of these male descendents are said to express the genetic condition.  Victoria's male descendents, cousins of these others, do not express.  If Victoria was not the Duke of Kent's daughter, that would explain why her male descendents do not express the genetic condition.


Back in the Seventies, at a small midwestern university that prided itself on encouraging diverse opinion and free inquiry, I was very nearly expelled from the History Department for asserting three anti-British "heresies":  1.) that the victims of Jack the Ripper were worth studying; 2.) that the British empire's imperial abuse of certain third world countries (especially Egypt) bordered on the criminal; 3) and that Victoria's parentage was questionable.