My Mask


Everyone thinks they know me,

Well everyone is wrong.

On the outside I may be hard and tough,

But inside I'm not so strong.

No one has ever seen the real me,

No one has ever asked.

They all think what they see is real,

When it's only just a mask.

I hide behind a cover of happiness,

I smile over the tears.

I can't let anyone see my truth,

No one can know my fears.

It may look like everything is fine,

It may look like it's ok.

Nobody's ever seen my sadness,

And they never will I pray.

I never wore this mask before,

I never had to hide.

But when my world got tough, I put it on,

And kept everything inside.

My mask has made things easier,

It helps me hide the pain.

But maybe when my spirits strong,

I'll take it off again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written a year
or two after a pretty hard
time in my life. It deals with
bullying, which I, luckily,
only endured for one year.

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