Unusual Scene


It was an unsweet scene
So unusual first meet
In the middle of the road
I wished we're about to go

You didn't know this but
I'd been watching you for some time now
You never noticed but
I'd been loving you for a month now

And right there, out of the blue
You told me , "I love you"
I'd never been happier
I wished none would interfere

When you held my hands
No one would understand
How I'd end up being yours
But this wasn't a curse

That night when you walked me home
I thought we were on a show
I wanted to kiss your lips
And have the greatest feast

This feeling was brand new
And though we'd argue
We never let it last
First love was it was

These unusual scenes kept on
hunting me now
The unplanned tears keep on
tearing me down

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"UNUSUAL SCENE" tells a story of rush, unconventionality, and being against all odds. It all happened to me not so long ago.

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