My Grandfathers Nap

My grandfathers nap

Every Sunday we eat at my grandparent’s house, and minimum once a week they come to visit us. My grandfathers nap is really special he doesn’t care what he eats but he cant wait to sleep. He starts joking and making noise since 1 o clock so that the family can start moving he sits alone at 1 30 and doesn’t care at all if he eats alone, because we all know that at 2 he will be in his pajama’s. It can be a special meal a birthday, his birthday he doesn’t miss his routine and most important his nap. We are a big family so the house gets real loud, from little cousins running around to uncles having a discussion or simply a good time, this doesn’t stop him from the big snore. His day starts at 6 am he walks in the mornings to get fresh air, so by the time he makes it to the table anxiously at 130 pm he is exhausted and savoring the big delicious nap. I am almost sure he actually sleeps better and recovers more energy with that 40 minutes nap than in the whole night. He wakes up with a big smile and ready to keep having fun with all of us. I’ve known him for the last 20 years and he’s never missed a nap if you know him and need to talk to him or are just calling to say hello you will surely find him at 3 pm waking up happily, it is a good time to talk to him. It can be winter it can be summer things are the same. He can actually be on a trip; on a wedding he will find a way to sneak into bed. We’ve travel together and we all need to organize our day around those 3 hours of eating and sleeping. It doesn’t matter if it is hot, cold or a rainy day this doesn’t take away the anxious waiting and comfort of his old bed. He sleeps on the left side of the bed without moving as he lands he wakes up. I will remember always my grandfather nap and the way he savors it.

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