What is Your Name?

I saw you in my dream and you hated me

Like a cruel fantasy, you screamed and screamed

A burning terror gripped me once again

For I recognized the voice of the one who's anger it seemed

It called my name aloud, and then it cried some more

I wished for it to stop coz it made me bleed and die inside

It never even paused even though the voice was hoarse

A chilling scream that broken the night, but no one else heard ...

Tears poured down the eyes of the frightened girl

An unstoppable torrent of emotional burns

For she never wanted anyone to scream at her

She'd been deaf but all too well she heard the woes ...

It felt so astonishing, no one notices her anymore ...

The stranger in the mirror looked like a pretty ghost

It cried and laughed and screamed again, unstoppable

And she woke up and remembered, the reflection was her own ...

What is you name? Do you even remember??

Better wipe those tears so no one else will know ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one is about a nightmare that i had .. or a reflection of darker times, i guess.

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