A Hand

Greedy, tiny hands covered in fresh flesh

Fingers without wrinkles

Stretched out to the sky

Attached to hungry hands

That grasp potential

Gentle, caring hands of a child, covered in dirt

Fingers that have learned to hold

Wrapped securely around a mother’s

Attached to innocent hands  

That grasp new life

Angry, tentative hands, covered in bruises

Fingers that curl into a fist

Searching for justification

Attached to trembling hands

That grasp reality

Responsible, organized hands, covered in calluses

Fingers that memorize positions on a keyboard

Searching for confirmation

Attached to the hip of authority

That cannot grasp satisfaction

Hands, that are no longer owned, filled with formaldehyde

Fingers tucked neatly together

Hidden from the sky

Attached to empty hands

That grasp death

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